“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”

~ Oscar Wilde

I have been in the craft arena for as long as I can remember. Attending shows with my mother and grandmother, selling clothing and accessories, set me up for a lifelong obsessions with comfortable and wearable creations. My father was a hobby blacksmith, and I would often become enthralled just watching him heat and work the metal into spirals and twists.

The journey towards shiny things began when my grandmother gave my a book from the 1960’s on wire and bead jewellery. Several years later, and a college diploma in Goldsmithing, I am starting out on my own path as a 4th generation entrepreneur and designer.

Xaltv is my brand for handcrafted, fine body adornment. My designs are timeless, and as unique as the people who wear them. Each piece is designed and tested for comfort and years of effortless style.