Greenery – Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year 

Pantone has released their 2017 Colour of the Year.

“Greenery” was chosen to represent our attachment to nature and symbolize new beginnings. Just like in the spring when many plants begin to grow and flower, 2017 is a fresh start after a long, trying year.

A midtone yellow-green, “Greenery” is a natural transitional colour, equally at home with moody jewel tones or lively brights.

There are several stone options to incorporate this cheerful colour into your wardrobe:



The traditional birthstone for August, and gift for 15th wedding anniversaries, this yellow-green stone has a long and rich history. Earliest records indicate that the Egyptians actively mined the stone on a small island in the Red Sea, and modern scholars believe that Cleopatra’s infamous emerald collection was actually comprised of Peridot.

Fun Fact: The largest faceted peridot is 310 carats (62 grams), mined in Egypt, and housed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.


t2ec16zhjiqe9quhuet2brh3fpudtw-60-3Traditionally, Garnet is the birthstone for January, it is also associated with numerous Dark Age and Medieval treasures due to its prolific nature and deep red colour. There are 6 different varieties of garnets which span a full range of colours, however the one closest to the 2017 Colour of the Year is the Demantoid Garnet – a type of Andradite garnet that displays a strong fire in a lovely bright green colour.

Garnet can also be found in many commercial or industrial applications, the most common uses being sandpaper, sand blasting, and water filtration.

Fun Fact: The largest demantoid garnet ever found is from Russia, and weighed in at 252.5 carats (50.5 grams). This is un-cut, and rather blobbish looking. The largest faceted demantoid resides in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. and weighs 11.24 carats


sphene-gem-380489aA relative newcomer on the scene for jewellery use, Sphere may also be referred to by its original name Titanite. It is a very attractive stone that can display olive-green, chest-nut browns, and yellows, sometimes in the same stone. The most rare and desired stones are known as Chrome Sphere due to the high chromium content that causes the vibrant green colour.

Having a similar fire to diamonds, high quality Sphere is often cut into facetted stones to display the colour and sparkle for maximum effect.

Fun Fact: This stone’s Mohs hardness is between 5 and 5.5, meaning that the quartz in common household dust can actually scratch the stone!


Featured image and original article by Pantone HERE

Stone information and photos from:

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)


The International Gem Society (IGS)

Mineralogy Database.

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