1000-year-old Viking toolbox found in Denmark

Although the wooden chest housing this incredible find is almost non-existent, the 14 tools uncovered at the ring-shaped fortress in Borgring, Denmark are a remarkable find. Previous tool finds have been attributed to religious offerings to the Gods, as they were placed in swamps, with minimal tool usage.

Archaeologist Nanna Holm, a curator at the Danish Castle Center in Vordingborg who is leading the excavations of the ringed-shaped fort at Borgring, said this is the first time an entire set of tools has been discovered in a Viking workplace.The newfound tools are special because they were found where the craftsman would have been working, she said. “That’s why it’s so exciting for us to see what’s inside, because we can see what one man has used at this specific site,” Holm added.

The tools are incredibily rusted, and caked with dirt, but the hope is that restoration and preservation can be finished in time for an exhibition next year.

Of the 14 tools, several have been identified already: spoon drills for making holes in wood, a drawplate for making metal wire smaller, a pair of tweezers or small pliers, a “clink nail” for holding wood pieces together, and several chain links attached to a ring. The featured image above is a CT scan of the toolbox (courtesy of the Danish Castle Center)  and clearly shows the drawplate (rectangular objects, with a line of holes), and several other iron tools.

Article on LiveScience.com located HERE (English). Original findings reported HERE  on Videnskab.dk (Danish).

Featured image courtesy of Danish Castle Center; more photos from the discovery HERE on LiveScience.com

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