#ToxicJewellery: Would you wear it, if you knew?

Recently CBC Marketplace took to your favourite retailers and tested the jewellery accessible to children (under the age of 15) to check the levels of cadmium.

Full article here:


Watch the video here:


Please take note of the items you wear on your body, where they come from, and what they’re made of. Currently in Canada there is no regulation on the amount of cadmium allowed in fashion jewellery marketed to anyone over the age of 15. Health Canada is only looking at those individuals who are at the most risk of chewing, sucking, or swallowing jewellery. This regulation should extend to all low-cost, fashion jewellery accessories.

Your skin is not some impervious, solid structure; it can absorb minerals, metals, liquids, and gases and deposit them all over your body. Personally, if you can absorb copper, lead, nickel, etc. through your skin, what is the evidence that you can’t absorb cadmium?

That cute little owl necklace for $5.99 may actually be poisoning your kidney’s and causing bone loss over time. The article names Ardene and Aldo Accessories specifically, but you can bet other retail stores selling low-cost accessories have cadmium in their pieces. Although the video and article specifically says H&M, Sears, Dollarama, and others tested “clean”, do you want to take a chance on it? Policies change, suppliers change – check out near the end of the video where they can’t contact 3 suppliers of Ardene’s because they’ve closed – and work orders change according to supply, demand, and price.

Save up and splurge a little. That one-of-a-kind piece from a fine jewellery designer you’ve been admiring will hold it’s value over time (it may even gain value!), and will look great for decades to come if taken care of.

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