9 Ways You’re Damaging Your Engagement Ring

Although focusing on engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind these points when wearing any jewellery, especially:

Clean your jewellery regularly. You touch many, many objects throughout the day, your jewellery collects just as much dirt and grime as your hands do, possibly even more because of the spaces where stones sit, or there’s carved details.

Avoid hand lotion, soap, or other cleaners that may damage your jewellery. This is especially important if you have opal or emerald jewellery; these two stones must have a certain water or oil content (respectively) to remain in a stable state.

(Note: I’m not saying don’t wash jewellery with opals or emeralds in it – see first point – but be more cautious when cleaning jewellery with these stones. I recommend going to a jeweller to clean these.)

Avoid doing manual labour when wearing your special jewellery. Whether that’s vaccuming the floor, data entry at work, or chopping firework, manual labour + precious jewellery = destroyed jewellery in no time.

9 Ways You’re Damaging Your Engagement Ring

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